Webinar – Disaster Prep and Recovery for Nonprofits and Libraries – 2017-04-04

Webinars 2017-04-06 17:57:41

Instructor : TechSoupVideo

Course Duration : 1:1:42

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Step by step & Descreption :
Visit for donated technology for nonprofits and public libraries!

Spring is a good time to take stock and make sure your organization is prepared to remain resilient and keep the doors open to serve your community – whether you face a natural disaster or a simple server failure.

During this free webinar with IT and disaster preparedness expert Lars Eric Holm, learn basic things you can do TODAY to help your nonprofit or library be better prepared ahead of a disaster and bounce back quicker after one strikes.

Key Takeaways:

— Leverage mobile technologies to prepare and respond to emergencies
— Get the scoop on best practices for backup technologies
— Useful apps to help you respond, assist those in your community, and recover quickly
— And more!