Excel & Business Math 45: Future Value, Present Value and Periodic Payments for Annuities

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In this video learn how to make Present Value, Future Value and PMT for the Cash Flows, both Annuity Cash Flows and Irregular Cash Flows. This is a comprehensive video about Financial Products, Cash Flows and Annuities.
Excel & Business Math Class (Busn 135) taught by Michael Girvin at Highline College / Mike Girvin at excelisfun Channel at YouTube Channel.
Topics in Video:
1. (00:01) Introduction
2. (02:27) Cash Flow Pattern Diagram for Future Value and Irregular Cash Flows. Future Value Calculation of Savings Plan with Irregular Cash Flows, Hand Drawings & Diagram.
3. (04:34) Excel Example 1: Calculate Future Value of Savings Plan with Irregular Cash Flows.
4. (09:17) Cash Flow Pattern Diagram for Present Value Calculation of Irregular Future Cash Flows. Asset Valuation Calculation. Hand Drawings & Diagram.
5. (11:51) Excel Example 2: Calculate Present Value of Irregular Future Cash Flows to determine Asset Valuation.
6. (19:35) Define Terms for an Annuity
7. (21:00) Cash Flow Pattern Diagram for Future Value and Present Value of Periodic Cash Flows
8. (23:14) Excel Example 3: Calculate Future Value for Savings Plan with Periodic Cash Flow in an End Annuity. FV Function.
9. (32:02) Excel Example 4: Calculate Present Value of Future Periodic Cash Flows (End Annuity) to determine Asset Valuation. PV Function.
10. (37:45) Excel Example 5: Calculate PMT When Present Value Amount is Known. How Much Can We Withdraw at End of Each Month for Next 30 Years? PMT Function.
11. (42:17) Excel Example 6: Calculate PMT When Future Value Amount is Known. How Much Should I Deposit at the End of Each Month to Become Millionaire? PMT Function.
12. (45:47) Excel Example 7: Calculate PMT For a Home Mortgage Loan, Where Loan is Positive Present Value Amount. PMT Function.
13. (48:33) Summary

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