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Discover OnCrawl, a data-driven SEO crawler and log analyzer for enterprise SEO audits and daily monitoring.
With OnCrawl SEO Crawler you can analyze small to very large websites just like Google does and run comprehensive SEO audits.

Run thorough analysis of your content and detect any near duplicates issues.
Monitor all metrics related to your indexability, your internal linking, HTML quality or performance.

OnCrawl’s Data Explorer lets you dig into any graph and data and build your very own filters regarding different data sets, fields and blocks. You can play with more than 450 metrics to optimize your SEO.

With OnCrawl SEO Log Analyzer, you can monitor your log files on a daily basis but also create segmentations, groups or filter on specific bots.
Understand how Google behaves on every part of your website and improve your crawlability. Discover pages that generate the most organic traffic, but also how long it takes for a web page to be visited for the first time by Google.
With OnCrawl, you can also spot how compromising status codes and resources consume your crawl budget.

With the Cross-data reports, you can combine your log files, analytics or backlinks data with your crawl data. But you can also ingest any third-party datasets or create your own dashboards with our API.

Doing so, OnCrawl lets you analyze the impact of any ranking factor on your crawl frequency and organic traffic. Start by detecting your orphan pages by groups of pages to adopt the best strategy. Or focus on the impact of your load times on the way Google visits your pages or even the influence of your number of words on your SEO visits.

With OnCrawl, easily improve your traffic, rankings and revenues and create a SEO strategy with confidence.

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