Meet our Ambassador – Omi Sido

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Meet our Ambassador – A serie of videos that will introduce the OnCrawl brand ambassadors.

We are glad to invite our brand ambassador for the United Kingdom : Omi Sido.
Omi is an international speaker and is known in the industry for his humour and ability to deliver actionable insights that audiences can immediately start using. From SEO consulting with some of the world’s largest telecommunications and travel companies to managing in-house SEO at HostelWorld and Daily Mail, Omi loves diving into complex data and finding the bright spots. Currently, Omi is a Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe.

• Can you introduce yourself, tell us more about your specialties and why and how you started in the SEO world?

• You’ve been working for the Daily Mail, a very large online media and now for Canon Europe, a worldwide ecommerce website. What are for you the main differences in terms of SEO?

• What are the 3 main lookout points when optimizing an e-commerce website like Canon Europe?

• What have been your biggest SEO challenges this past year?

• What are your next SEO projects?

• You’re also very active on social media whether it is curating content, doing videos or sharing your best practices with the SEO community. What’s your strategy regarding personal branding?

• What is doing Omi on his free time?

• Finally, I would like to know how does it feel to be one of our ambassador? And what’s your most favorite OnCrawl feature?

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