Meet our Ambassador – Fernando Muñoz

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Step by step & Descreption :
Meet our Ambassador – A serie of videos that will introduce the OnCrawl brand ambassadors.
We are glad to invite our ambassador for Spain – Fernando Muñoz.
Fernando is also known as Señor Muñoz. Co-founder and SEO Manager at Grupo Raíz, regular speaker for major online marketing events, member of the SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization), and he is very active in the SEO community.

• Can you tell us how you started in the SEO world?
• There is the public face we all know, but what is Fernando doing on his free time?
• You are known as the founder of the SEO agency Señor Muñoz but you recently launched Grupo Raíz. Can you tell us more about it? Why this project? What are you doing there?
• We invited you at the European SEO Night in Paris back in November, where you talked about voice search and its impact in 2018. What are for you the 3 main lookout points? Why do SEOs should pay attention to it?
• Looking in the future, the mobile-first index is coming soon. Have you already seen the transition with some of your clients? What do you recommend to smoothly make the shift?
• A secret tip you would like to share with us?
• Finally, I would like to know how it feels to be one of our ambassador? And what’s your most favorite OnCrawl feature?