Killing the giants: how to beat big brands in search

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Instructor : SEMrush

Course Duration : 1:3:10

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Step by step & Descreption :
Winning organic market share in SERPs dominated by big brands with huge budgets may seem like a fairytale in today’s modern organic landscape. However, that need not be the case. In this webinar, Ross Tavendale shows you blow for blow how he took a small business (less than 1m turnover) and grew their organic presence to beat out Tripadvisor’s, HomeAway and Holiday Lettings for their core terms.

7:15 Start of Presentation
11:38 Brilliant Basics
17:40 Schema Markup
18:59 Flow: UX and Navigation
21:05 Who pays for technical SEO changes, SEO or Client?
27:54 Keyword Grouper Pro ( Free tool check it out )
39:56 Will you be penalized for duplicate content if you don’t use Hreflang?
42:20 Fake News
43:21 How to reduce risk of content flopping?
45:30 How Mark gets ideas for content
51:32 Cost of creating good content
59:35 Outreach tools to use for links