I WISH I knew this when I started EDITING IN LIGHTROOM

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Course updated 2018-04-12 21:18:30

Instructor : Serge Ramelli Photography

Course Duration : 7:39

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Step by step & Descreption :
This is a series of tips and tricks I wish I knew when I started editing my landscape in Lightroom

00:54 Shoot Panorama in Landscape Mode

​01:35 Use the perspective and Boundary Wrap Option

​02:00 Shoot raw for better colors with White Balance

​02:23 Sun = Highlights not too low

03:03 use a little minus clarity for landscapes

03:21 Magenta to kill the green

04:00 Add lights and colors with Radial Filter or Brush

05:34 Use Camera Calibration for even better colors

Tell me in the comments which are your best tips for Lightroom editing.